Our Culture

We believe that great transformations may occur only with the employment of right talents. Employees are XSD's most valuable asset. We empower our employees by allowing them to pursue their own achievements while they work with us on a common goal.


Diversity Environment

Our multi-racial family includes people from every culture and with every specialist skill you can imagine but our shared values and our mindset bind us together. We are a true one XSD family and changemaker that works together to accomplish success and utilizes the power of paper to change the world.

Strong Value

Our values guide us as we constantly transform with the industry, progress with the era, develop with customers, and grow with our people. Our desire to drive excellent growth with our clients guided us in bringing a group of passionate people to work together. By doing so, XSD becoming the role model for the enterprises and it bring talented people together with the common goals.



Growth through Development

XSD greatly believes that business development, the community, and the environment for man are indivisible whole. Hence, XSD strives the best to promote green production, engage in community works, and improve employee benefits to fulfil its corporate social responsibility and sustainable growth.

Environmental Responsibility

Paper recycling has been practiced for over 600 years. Most of XSD product is made out of 90% recycled wastepaper from North America, Europe, and Australia while Malaysia recycled wastepaper accounts for the remaining 10%. Product quality has always been the primary focus of XSD. The paper products are going through a stringent quality assurance process with the cooperation of the personnel from all areas to ensure prime quality products for customer.