Our diverse product line includes high-grade coated duplex board, high-performance corrugating medium, kraftlinerboard, testliner, and others. All of which are made from recycled waste paper and 100% locally sourced fuels.

Coated Duplex Board

Coated duplex board is a form of boxboard that has a glossy coating on one side for improved printability. This product is commonly used as a packaging material for small boxes that demand high-quality printability, such as consumer electronics, cosmetics, or other consumer goods. It can also be used for the outer layer of corrugated board in conjunction with a high-performance corrugating medium and linerboard.

XSD is well-equipped with brand new leading paper manufacturing technologies. Producing coated duplex board with a 250-500gsm standard.

Our Phase 1 production reached 350,000 tonnes, making a significant influence on the market and positioning us as the leader in Southeast Asia.

High Performance Corrugating Medium

High-performance corrugating medium, which undergoes surface sizing, offers greater strength and physical qualities for the same basis weight, reducing packaging weight, bulk, and material utilized, allowing customers to save on shipping expenses.


Kraftlinerboard is an unbleached linerboard made from recycled paper and unbleached kraft pulp.


Testliner is a board composed entirely of recycled paper. It satisfies the needs of some clients who require lower cost or be more environmentally conscious.

Recycled Pulp

Recycled pulp is manufactured from recycled paper that has been chemically processed to remove inks and other undesirable materials, freeing the paper fibers. The use of recycled pulp as a raw material in the production of paper is safe. Most facial tissues, toilet tissues, and newsprints, as well as many other types, include 100 percent recycled pulp.

Recycled Pulp Production (Volume)
Daily Production:600MT
Annual Full Production Capacity: 200000 MT

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