15 Jul 2021


In midst of chaos, XSD sprung out with some good news!XSD’s staff are vaccinated!

In XSD, we are 100% committed to provide health and safety to each individual employee. Besides, we take initiative to support the government’s effort to achieve herd immunity to curb this chaos altogether. In XSD, our employee’s safety is being prioritized and nothing comes more important than providing a safe and comfortable environment in or off duty.

With the vaccination initiative through Selangkah Vax hosted by Selangor State Government, we pounced on the opportunity without hesitation to provide the much-needed vaccination to our employees to be vaccinated at the earlier date.

All our staff received the vaccination throughout 29th June 2021 – 12th July 2021 at Aurora Place Bukit Jalil and Poliklinik Dr Azhar dan Rakan Rakan Kepala Batas. We are currently able to achieve more than 90% vaccinated as a group. It is our responsibilities to maintain the wellness of our staff as well as to the society. We will work closely towards achieving 100% vaccinated throughout the organization. Let us all fight this pandemic altogether and win this battle sooner by taking the first step!

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