2023 Excellent Employee

07 Feb 2024

2023 Excellent Employee

On February 7, 2024, the "2023 Excellent Employee" award ceremony of XSD International Paper Sdn.Bhd. was held in the main office building. Vice President Mr. Zhu NaiJian, Director of Production Technology Mr. Lam TakYin, General Advisor Mr. Khor Kheng Liap, Chief Financial Officer Mr. Chen JiaYao, Director of Human Resources & Administration Ms. Wen MeiZhi and other major leaders from each departments attended the award ceremony.

We have experienced various challenges and developments together over the past year. During this challenging phase, our employees demonstrated outstanding capabilities and professionalism. In order to raise role model, praise the advanced and promote the corporate culture, each department comprehensively selects outstanding employees from the aspects of morality (professional ethics), ability (professional ability), diligence (work attitude), performance (work performance) and team spirit.

Through the selection and decision by the management, total of 27 employees awarded the honourable title of "2023 Excellent Employee" and commended.

Travel far and near, exploring every chance you have, work diligently without slacking off and hesitation, to have a promising future. We hope that all employees can learn from the advanced leaders, be dedicated to their jobs, work together and forge ahead, and contribute their own strength to the development of the company. Thanks again to all staffs for their hard work and outstanding contributions. In this coming new year, the management wishing all employees with good health and a bright future ahead!